Wreckless Motorcycles Kawasaki W650


Wreckless looks to make a name for itself with this, their first custom bike reimagining, based in the Kawasaki W650. According to Wreckless, this upright café racer was begging for customization and added comfort, which they were all too happy to supply, claiming, “Every nut, bolt & washer on this bike has been touched, painted, upgraded, replaced or modified.”

This includes a reshaped tank and fenders, seat modification, custom fitted handlebars, an added racing clutch, and of course, custom paint and emblems, along with a lot of other mods. The end result is a bike that looks classic, but offers the speed, performance, and comfort modern riders demand. Tweaks to exterior styling and motor function mean that this bike is equally at home in urban and country settings, making it ideal for any rider looking for everyday transport that can seamlessly transition to weekend fun.

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