NXT Rage Electric Motorcycle


Like it or not, electric motorcycles are here — and what’s not to like about instant, giant torque and the ability to fill up in your own garage? Zero emissions and zero oil changes are nice points too. All-electric brands like Zero and Energica are making headway in the retail market, and giant brands are getting in on the action too, with Harley Davidson shipping their new electric LiveWire this August, and Yamaha promising us an electric motorcycle…soon.

NXT out of the Netherlands is just getting going, having revealed their Rage Electric Motorcycle earlier this February at the MOTORbeurs show in Utrecht. The bike looks nimble and zippy with roadster styling and a blacked out aesthetic. They haven’t released specifications yet, that’s coming this spring, but we do know it’s an all electric bike with a carbon fiber monocoque frame and a 7 inch display serving as the interface for the rider. They’re taking reservations now and plan to deliver the Rage in summer 2019.

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